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Feed them right from the start

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our gift to you

Feed them right from the start

A healthier way to feed your family

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The Wholesome Child Academy

Introducing Whole Food courses for Wholesome Families

Developed by Paediatric Nutritionist and Bestselling Author, Mandy Sacher, The Wholesome Child Academy is designed to support you with key aspects of nourishing your family. Starting with a baby’s first introduction to solids, how to manage and overcome “fussy eating”, boosting your family’s immunity through the winter months and how to choose the best supermarket staples for your family. Visit the Wholesome Child shop to find out more about Mandy’s new online courses, including Starting SolidsFussy Eating Strategies & SolutionsBoosting Immunity and Wholesome Shopping.

Members of The Wholesome Child Academy receive complimentary access to Mandy’s new Wholesome Shopping course. Sign up and let Mandy guide you down the aisles and help you select the best supermarket choices for your family. With some small changes and simple swaps you can easily make a positive impact to your family’s nutrition in no time.

The Academy also offers parents access to new and exclusive Wholesome Child recipes, a smart recipe tool that allows you to filter by meal type, key ingredients and more, a sample meal plan to help you plan out the week plus downloadable resources to make life easier.

So, what are you waiting for? Make your next shopping trip pack a greater nutritional punch and get some easy, healthy recipe inspiration  – sign up to The Academy and let’s get started.


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