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Feed them right from the start

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our gift to you

Feed them right from the start

Child Care

Wholesome Child empowers Child Care Centres to feed children in their care healthy and nutritious meals, supported by wholefood recipes with a research backed nutrition and behaviour program.  Parents are now preferencing child care settings that have a focus on their children’s nutritional requirements.

Wholesome Child is the GOLD STANDARD in child care nutrition.

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Our range of specialist child care based services make it easy to support children enjoy nutritionally beneficial food from a young age and to establish lifelong healthy eating habits.

  • Leading nutritional menu planners and recipes that exceed national guidelines
  • Seasonal menu plans customised for each centre’s needs
  • Integrated shopping lists to make the weekly shop easy
  • Leading interactive training courses for Chefs and Cooks on how to integrate the Wholesome Child menu planners
  • Leading interactive training courses for Educators on fussy eating, introducing solids, allergies and much more
  • Management course teaching managers how to implement the Wholesome Child program and all of its training courses
  • Certificates issued on completion of a Wholesome Child course
  • Resources for parents and social media

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