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Feed them right from the start

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our gift to you

Feed them right from the start

Introducing Solids the Wholesome Way

2 hrs

One of the many responsibilities we have as new parents when it comes to introducing solids to our babies, is to select options that are nutritionally sound and provide optimal enrichment for their newly developing minds and bodies. With an abundance of choice and conflicting information, it is often a confusing time – especially for first time parents.

So if you are struggling on which foods to offer first, if you are confused about when to begin, if you can’t decide between spoon feeding or baby-led weaning, if you are still struggling with milk vs. solids, if you want to learn techniques that prevent fussy eating, or if you just want to be inspired by recipes containing superfoods for babies –  this is the workshop for you.

All participants will receive a copy of the Wholesome Child Introducing Solids Guidelines, plus food charts, menu planners, baby friendly recipes, shopping guides and selected handouts that cover important aspects of introducing solids, such as proper spoon technique, first foods for baby-led weaning and more.

Workshop Quick Glance:

  • Which foods to introduce first and when
  • Baby led weaning or spoon feeding
  • Techniques for preventing fussy eating
  • What to do about milk feeds
  • Tips to prevent or manage allergies, constipation and reflux
  • Superfoods for babies
  • Recipes and food ideas to take home
  • An overview of commercial baby food products – which ones to avoid and which ones to choose
  • Organic vs. Non Organic

I attended the Introducing Solids workshop yesterday. Although my second time - I still felt this workshop was right for me as there's so much to learn with respect to making the right food choices for our babies. I loved the session & information provided. Feel like I'm in a clearer head space & have more confidence as I start the "introduction to solids" for my 2nd little boy. Thanks so much Mandy!
Karla Armson


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